May 25, 2022

Biodiversity Finance Webinar

Biodiversity Finance Webinar

Event Location : Online

Recent developments, challenges, and opportunities in Biodiversity finance

All stakeholders in financial and capital markets are reckoning with the challenge of Biodiversity Finance from central banks and supervisors, institutional investors, stock exchanges and bond markets, to standard setters, ratings agencies and data providers. The link between climate and biodiversity action is becoming clearer. Climate change is one of the primary drivers of the natural world’s decline but mitigation and adaptation efforts are made considerably more challenging by the continued plundering of natural resources, which in turn causes further destruction of the natural world and exacerbates the climate emergency

May 25th and May 30th

FC4S invites all members to learn about the recent developments in biodiversity finance and explore solutions to overcome nature-related risks in their jurisdictions.

The webinar will go through the published FC4S paper on biodiversity and open the audience to a discussion on how to overcome challenges related to five key facets of biodiversity finance, namely, transparency and disclosure, Fintech, data, financial instruments, nature positive norms.

The webinar will be in English, will last approximately one hour, and include a Q&A Section.

May 25th anytime at 5 pm CET – Register here

May 30th anytime at 9 am CET- Register here