Oct 08, 2019

FC4S Annual General Meeting

FC4S Annual General Meeting

Event Date : 8 - 10 October 2019, Geneva, Switzerland

Event Location : Geneva, Switzerland

At the annual general meeting, which also saw the launch of the FC4S real economy lab in Shenzhen, the FC4S members agreed to mainstream green and sustainable finance both locally and internationally, and to set common targets by the end of 2022. Discussions included ways to inform and influence the policy and regulatory debate, through activities at local and national levels. Members also identified options for the FC4S Network and Secretariat to support the formulation of effective frameworks and strategies to scale up sustainable finance markets across markets, leveraging the work of regional entities and coalitions.

The event comprised six sessions:

  • Session 1 introduced the new members of FC4S (Beijing, Lagos, Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City and Tokyo).
  • Session 2 featured presentations from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (FISMA) and the Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS).
  • Session 3 focused on the results of the Assessment Programme, which is a survey sent to all the members.
  • Session 4 was devoted to targets and deliverables for 2022, which are going to be refined and amended with members’ input.
  • Session 5 reviewed the 2019 work programme and activities and updated the membership on the status of the different activities of FC4S during the past year.
  • Session 6 concluded the day with a discussion on action points and next steps.

The meeting concluded with the announcement that the next annual general meeting would take place in Paris to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement.

On 10 October, the FC4S also launched a regional work plan for Africa that will work with the five African member centres (Abidjan, Cairo, Casablanca, Lagos and Nairobi) to encourage strategic action, collaborate with peers across the continent, and facilitate engagement with major international hubs.

The AGM took place at the start of the Building Bridges Summit which focused on accelerating the finance industry’s contribution to the achievement of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Summit, presided by Patrick Odier, Managing Director, Lombard Odier Bank, gathered over 800 international organizations, NGOs, financial sector actors and Swiss authorities to connect the 22 worlds of finance and sustainability. FC4S was a core member of the planning committee for the Building Bridges week.