Jun 16, 2023

Financing nature and climate goals

Financing nature and climate goals

Event Location : Online

Financing nature and climate goals

Understanding Biodiversity Credit Markets & the Nature-Finance Alignment Tool

Friday, June 16th – 9:00-10:15 CET, Online – Register here

Friday, June 16th– 17:00-18:15 CET, Online – Register here


Co-hosted by UNDP Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S), IFD and NatureFinance


Session Concept:

The landmark Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) agreed by nearly 200 countries at CBD COP15 calls for the global financial sector to align their portfolios with nature positive and net zero outcomes. Innovative instruments, tools and pilot programmes are quickly evolving to enable and finance this transition, leveraging existing platforms and initiatives that bring together market actors, civil society, representatives of indigenous peoples and local communities, experts, and policymakers.

Both regulation and revenue opportunities are driving innovation in two key areas that will be the focus of this webinar:


Shaping frameworks and governance for high-integrity biodiversity credit markets

(Target 19 (d) of the GBF, noting a commitment to “stimulating innovative schemes such as payment for ecosystem services, green bonds, biodiversity offsets and credits, benefit-sharing mechanisms”)

Biodiversity credit markets continue to evolve alongside increased levels of technical knowledge on processing the complexity of biodiversity and reflecting it in scaleable market-based approaches. Getting biodiversity credit markets right is a determining factor in achieving our climate, nature, and broader development goals. If we fail to do so, this may impair our ability to reach the global climate and biodiversity goals. For these markets to reach their potential however, and not result in perverse outcomes, the establishment of integrity principles and a robust, actionable governance framework is critical.


Mainstreaming the alignment of financial flows with nature

(Goal D and Target 14 of the GBF which signal the importance of mainstreaming the alignment of financial flows with nature)

Public and private financial instutions, and Governments, need to understand the degree to which their financial flows are aligned or misaligned with nature-related goals. The Nature-Finance Alignment Tool uses existing metrics and frameworks to help financial
institutions not only track the overall alignment of their portfolios, but also to identify less aligned regions and sectors, and to address some of the key disclosure metrics linked to TNFD.



  • Jeremy Eppel, Associate Principal, NatureFinance
  • Mark Halle, Senior Advisor, FC4S
  • Dorothee Herr, Senior Associate, NatureFinance
  • Maxim Vergeichik, Senior Nature Economist, UNDP


  • Marguerite Culot, Director of programmes and partnerships, IFD