May 05, 2022

Science-based tools webinar series: Principles for Climate Aligned Finance

Science-based tools webinar series: Principles for Climate Aligned Finance

Event Location : Online

Science-Based Tools for Financial Institutions


Given the urgent need to take effective climate action and the role of science in developing financial institutions’ transition pathways, FC4S invites you to a series of webinars presenting available instruments that, scientifically, may help address the challenges that the financial institutions are facing. This event aims to help inform and manage the reporting, measurement and disclosing aspects of sustainable finance strategies at the financial institution level by showcasing freely available tools and methodologies.


May 5th – Principles for Climate Aligned Finance


On this occasion, FC4S and RMI’s Center for Climate Aligned Finance (CCAF) invite you to learn about the Impact + Principles for Climate Alignes Finance, that help financial institutions identify what matters most when developing climate alignment strategies, and their sectoral approaches such as the Poseidon Principles, and get in touch with their representatives to find out how to use their principles.

The panellists will be ensuring the reliability of these instruments, showing how their inputs are based on scientific knowledge and evidence, and demonstrating the impact of their application in the financial sectors.

Considering time differences, each webinar will be held at two different times to make this a global event. The workshops will be in English, will last approximately one hour, and include a Q&A Section.


May 5th at 9h CET (East time) – Registration link

May 5th at 17h CET (West time) – Registration link