Aug 17, 2020

FC4S annual member assessment programme launched

FC4S annual member assessment programme launched

Tracking the progress of FC4S members as they accelerate local efforts to mainstream green and sustainable finance is a key objective of the FC4S global network. Given this, in 2018 FC4S and knowledge partners developed the FC4S assessment programme.

At a high-level, the objectives of the FC4S assessment programme are to provide respondents with a level of alignment, labelled from 0 to 5 on our Sustainable Finance Scale (SFS) which assesses the progress of the green and sustainable finance agenda within member centres, the degree of capital provision in support low-carbon transition, alignment to the Paris Agreement and the achievement of the UN SDGs.

In addition, this framework enables FC4S members to evaluate how their own institutional strategies and broader financial and capital markets are aligned with the objectives of a sustainable financial system.

Now in its third year and following members input at the FC4S Q4 2019 AGM in Geneva, the FC4S assessment programme has recently been updated with the support of PwC, knowledge partners the Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE) and the UNDP Finance Sector Hub, along with a small working group of members including London, Paris, Frankfurt, Dublin, Shenzhen and Guernsey.

As per previous years, aggregate results will be shared with members during at the 2020 FC4S AGM.

Afterwards, the FC4S Secretariat will work with its knowledge partners to develop a public report summarizing the findings of the report. To be published in Q4 2020, this report will draw upon information gathered through the survey process, as well as other sources of data, which combined will highlight the critical role of financial centres in accelerating the green and sustainable finance agenda, not least as we build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Separately and for the first time, the FC4S Secretariat will also produce an individual report analyzing each centre’s progress as per the sustainable finance scale, a possible pathway to move up a level in 2021 and how best the FC4S Secretariat and partners can assist in achieving.

The development and recent update to the FC4S assessment programme is supported by EIT Climate-KIC, a key partner of FC4S.

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Cecilia Serin