Nov 08, 2021

Sustainable Finance Initiatives and their Coverage in International Financial and Business News

Sustainable Finance Initiatives and their Coverage in International Financial and Business News

FC4S, in collaboration with the University of Zurich, is developing a groundbreaking analysis of the media coverage of 289 international sustainable finance initiatives in +550 articles from financial and business news media in 2020.

For the first time, this report will bring insights to the most covered aspects of this agenda internationally. FC4S will leverage the technical evidence to provide robust knowledge inputs to international organizations and forums in the future. 

The mapping and classification of initiatives will allow extracting information regarding current market priorities, as well as lagging topics and persistent barriers to mainstreaming sustainable finance globally. 

This preliminary descriptive analysis shows that: 

  • 84% of the articles had a neutral tone, and the majority were regular news reports (80%), followed by commentary/opinion pieces (12%).
  • In the sampled articles mentioning sustainable finance initiatives, climate-risk management frameworks, and climate pledges led the appearances in the news outlets in 2020.
  • The most frequent topic among the sampled articles was “Sustainable Investment Products and Strategies” (with “Bonds, Loans and Credit-Financing” as the main sub-topic in about a third of the cases), followed by “Disclosure and Reporting” – and by a clear margin on third place “Capacity building”
  • Regarding the depth of the news coverage on sustainable finance initiatives, two-thirds (63%) of the articles did not mention any goals of the initiatives, and only 13% covered their achievements. 

Future econometric analysis will be conducted to discover which features of sustainable finance initiatives are more efficient at making them more visible and attracting new partners, helping to accelerate the transformation of the financial system.

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